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Whistler Weekend

I am excited for this weekend since two of my brothers will be flying out to spend the weekend with some friends and I at Whistler. I haven’t skied Whistler in a few years so it will be fun to get back up and check it out. I also haven’t skied with my youngest brother in forever. Overall this weekend should be a blast and hopefully I’ll get some good photos that I can post later.


For now you just have my boring writing… one of these days I’ll get creative and begin posting photos as well.

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Back to Basics

Over the holiday break I’ve spent some time reading blogs as well as other internet sites. I also spent some time reading some of my past writings, a real book and decided that I really needed to start writing again.

The two sites which I visit almost daily hoping to see new posts are JusKuz.com, a site that belongs to my older brother Greg, and my younger brother Zach’s blog. Zach has been slacking lately, but hopefully he’ll start writing again. I am also hoping that I can begin writing about interesting enough stuff in order to draw them to my here so they can follow my journey and thoughts on life.

The book that I read was Johan Bruyneel’s book We Might as Well Win. This is a great book which talks a lot about how Lance and Johan went on to win 7 tours and likely why Lance will win his 8th one in the near future. If you follow the Tour de France or are an avid cyclist I highly recommend reading this book.

I also read\looked though Lance’s new book Comeback 2.0. The comments on some of the photos were great. Specifically the ones around his kids and the podium at the end of the tour. I am looking forward to another great Tour this year as well as my first cycling season.

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